• Stoke on Trent College

    Stoke on Trent College have over 900 staff using Cryoserver for their email. The college recognised that they needed to change the way they managed email. With large volumes, growing traffic and the need to retain emails over time, the IT team needed a solution to address a range of problems. Email archiving requirements “We needed to find […]

    It’s a wonderful product we couldn’t do without it nowadays.
  • South Liverpool Homes

    South Liverpool Homes is a housing and building management association with around 100 staff managing 3,600 homes, with new homes being built all the time. The organisation has strong core business values, which makes Cryoserver’s tamper-evident trail of communications evidence particularly useful. We spoke to David Chatterton, ICT Infrastructure Specialist: How does your organisation use […]

    Every time someone mentions email archiving. Cryoserver comes out on top, hands down
  • North Warwickshire Borough Council

    North Warwickshire Borough Council originally purchased Cryoserver as a tool to help deal with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, and have seen it develop into a more popular day-to-day tool, it’s now used by its entire council; more than 300 people. We spoke to Gary Hancock, Information Services Manager: How does your organisation use Cryoserver? […]

    We can’t fault the support. It’s one of those products we don’t do a lot with, it sits there and works, when something does happen the support team have always been very useful and do exactly what’s required of them.
  • Guildford Borough Council

    Guildford Borough Council is one of Cryoserver’s longest standing users. They have followed the development of Cryoserver over the years and the introduction of features which are now some of our largest benefits. We spoke to Vincenzo Ardillo: How does your organisation use Cryoserver? We use it a lot. We use it when we have […]

    We all know how it is you think 'I dealt with that a year ago' and when it comes to quickly getting hold of email Cryoserver is a really easy way of getting to it. Using the detailed search Cryoserver makes it easy to find that instance quickly.
  • Electrical Contractors Association

    Alaric Turner is responsible for the IT within the Electrical Contractors Association. The organisation itself offers first rate support to its members along with professional advice, so reliability is key. Alaric recounted some of the organisation’s experiences with Cryoserver in their ten years of Cryoserver below.

    I frequently recommend Cryoserver to friends or colleagues