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    Should your employer be reading your emails?

    Written by Hollie Jeffs on

    Snooping into emails is never a good thing for an employee, but not every employer audits their access in the way Cryoserver does. The European Court of Human Rights has recently ruled against a man whose employer sacked him for using his work computer to send personal messages. The Court found that the employee whose messages […]


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    Cloud Services and Technologies in 2016

    Written by Robin Bingeman on

    Looking forward to 2016 – the year of cloud services and technologies Cloud 2016 is going to be an interesting year for cloud providers, particularly with Microsoft seeing exponential growth, exceeding industry and city forecasts with the take-up of subscribers to the Office 365 services. Revenues of $8 billion have been reported for 2015. Companies are being […]


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    Cryoserver team news

    Written by Ollie Brothwood on

    Saving space on servers by taking up space in the office Things have been going pretty well at Cryoserver in recent months, and as our user and partner base expands, so must our team. Here at Cryoserver we like to invest in our people, so these new team members have been put through rigorous psychometric testing […]


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    Email etiquette: four simple rules for delivering bad news

    Written by Tom Roche on

    There are some things you just shouldn’t do in an email… Everyone knows someone with the story about a loving relationship of years and years that was ended via email. The distraught other half opening the bad news on their blackberry and sobbing loudly as their train rattles down the commuter line (Not speaking from […]


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    Written by Hollie Jeffs on

    The impending Volkswagen investigation As we have been hearing over the past month, Volkswagen have faced suggestions that they billed their cars as low emissions (from 2009-2015), when actually there was a software installed that could overhaul the results.   The cars that were affected by this were installed with a specific type of software […]