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    The Seven Deadly Sins of Email

    Written by Emily Harrison on

    Email is amazing! A priceless tool most people simply couldn’t live without. It may be a life-saver for businesses and economies the world over, but in the wrong hands there is a darker side to email too. The seven deadly sins of emailing can affect anyone, but once you know what to look for these […]


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    Building Information Modelling

    Written by Carl Fryer on

    Could new legislation mean demolition for the building industries? No matter what sector you work in, every organisation should be aiming for the most efficient and cost effective organisational structure possible. In the case of the engineering and construction industries, Building Information Management (BIM) has been praised as the solution to pave the way for […]


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    Cryoserver year in review

    Written by Robin Bingeman on

    At the end of our financial year, it’s time to reflect on a very successful period. Huge growth in new customer sign ups has proved testament to a loyal and growing partnership with clients, distribution and channel partners.  Our channels have implemented Cryoserver email archiving solutions into a wide portfolio of organisations including NHS Trusts, […]


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    Welcome Max!

    Written by Tom Roche on

    Welcome Max! The Cryoserver team continues to grow, and last quarter saw us add new team member Max Crawford. Max bolsters the sales team, working closely with James and Carl to better support our prospective customers. Originally from Cheshire, just outside Manchester the team continues to improve its interests across the UK. Max has experience […]


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    Email disaster dollars and damage to reputation

    Written by Tom Roche on

    Email as a form of communication has its good points and its bad ones. Instant contact is obviously a fantastic advantage, and knowing that there’s a universal platform to talk business is even better. However having a legally binding method of permanent communication can also cause problems for some. Inbound email policy is often overlooked, […]